As a bit to get and know the needful about all the insight and also the this game that you kept in you to see what’s yours and also to see what you are held with.

As it gets deep do enjoy the dip and get settled with the same situation.


As things get worsened and streets get drowned still capture the daylight in someone arms as it was just a glimpse.As streets get full and path gets flooded.Folks stay at home with a view to now return to their place their is a path to follow to come back to it own.It is still unknown

As things are getting better and worst and also to know the status of some stupid road hope it gets drenced more so that there is nothing to see or realise that there is left to ever diacover from this lala land what you call the city of dreams.

Still want it to show up more to not get left with any unknown.


As things get wet as we consider it was a act of satiation so that you could enjoy and not think about who else was there to wait and say hey! wait to hold back.As things didn’t turn out to another level,lets get it personal as someone say to chill!.Say no the this level so that the next thing to say is more keen for your path might get me in trouble and let just say XXXk XXu

So as to realize that you were just worth to get the way to somewhere else as it got lot with everything.As it gets better to understand and express the way to another level.

un – leave

As trying to find the way to same path and also to convey to tell the same story and also same old story also to tell the sane things to another level. To switch and freak out with the same people around and tell them hey! you wish haha!. uhmmmm :X



As trying to find the seed of every thing still conveying the post plan of everything as things have fall in place as things have changed to a firm position and relation have taken to a another way.

Yes it is the same old story i guess that is the scene of all the stories as they also have the same plan.As kid you don’t have to get in and as she says “YOU WISH”.As things get worsened still stay to UN – find the finding.


As things are freaking control.Ad water drains through streets and pretends to be here for a while.It gets amusing as you are also staying with them at your quality place of choice but with same situation.Worsend or better you might get some things which are better than anyone else.As it making things same in everyday routine.

Let it dwell and stay here for a while as it doesn’t matter for anyone.Those who have work have stipend themselves long before this started.Dwell and forseak everyone with your rite.


As it’s a part of routine.Will have to remain constant with the mid way round and stay awake to see the actual swing .But as you showed your grief side feels more than ever and also to cover all the story that you created for yourself aswell.As you want to leave from here to a unknown place.As it takes pleasure to follow the one you always want to forget.

I’ll swing with you as well.Waiting for you to swing.