As it gets better to understand  the route to get inside a jungle,

Hope it will be joyful ride as it is said that once someone enters the jungle.

He may fall prey to animals but surely survive on his wits will.

As they also said that being adaptive is an adjective given to predators,

It is pretended that all may become same and merge.

As  they remain on the same plane.

All wish to have wits will and grow and nurture their own skill,

But the evil might not let that happen though,

As it’s a journey already taken as wild.

Let it be a legitimate with all the thorns that will be present in the path,

If just some one gets into the wild it all stays.

So if it was a just a plan someone has fallen prey,

then its just another day in the jungle.

It just said the rattle sound will make the prey wise,

As a predator and skillful like a flesh.


As it get loner..

Yes it’s loner to be in journey,

To be didactic in my way.

Being perpetual in answer,

Still don’t know where to go?

As it seems that it is a stalker,

Who follows me everywhere.

Don’t know about the guy,

As it was really tough to find.

As it get loner to find aswell,

However its loner for ages..

Quest of the day

As start of the day there is quest of what’s the next step to destruct my argument.This is something that is very important as if you don’t speak your next step to do task remains in complete.

As it was a quest it was very important to argue and have a destructive argument,As stated it was a straight abusive and ended with the same. As taken next step to start was wondering to know what could be done to overcome those things that has happened earlier. Just thought to take the entire incident as a normal incident of life cycle. So started to remain constructive in arguments.

However the day ended in a very valuable note to say there is nothing to judge as we are all being monitored by one another prespective.

It’s not personal

As thought earlier things likely to imitate the way it should have as decided by the serenity or say nature. That if you do good you get good and if you prefer good you also get abit more for yourself from future.

As you try to choose from different things its very unfortunate that one cannot find the way it should find what’s in store for you in future.

As it got really personal it should just be said let’s just wait to find a path.

******The End******